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Best of Philly 2008

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MST3K: Gamera vs. Guiron

Directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Japan. 1969. NR. 90 min. DVD.

  • Friday
  • Fri, Mar 15
  • 9:45 pm

It’s a really good thing that Gamera has a fondness for saving annoying human children from harm. Otherwise, evil alien space babes would dine on their delicious brains! But soft, what light through yonder atmosphere breaks? It is the east, and Guiron is no fun. This knife headed monster baddie is so sharp, he wears his sunglasses at night. The battle the title promises is full of turtle soup, served with a heaping side of cheese.

Joel and the bots are once again our constant companions, riding shotgun for this mean Forrester experiment, imported from the far east. Can these stalwart friends make palatable the incessant whining of our children protagonists? Will the creepy space babes eat their brains? Will monstrous battle of these colossal beasts be awesome? (At least ONE of these questions can be answered with a YES!) (Chuck Francisco)