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Best of Philly 2008

Phoenixville Arts & Culture

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First Fridays at 9:45pm
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Wednesdays at 2:00pm
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Teen Audiences

Our films, concerts and events that may be of interest to teens. Have an idea for a film you’d like to see at the Colonial? Email kirsten AT thecolonialtheatre DOT com.

Sponsoring a film is a great way to support the Colonial and get 50 free passes to a show!

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Directed by Steven Spielberg. US. 1982. 6+. 115 min. Universal. Digital. FREE!.

Sponsored by Phoenixville Communities that Care

  • Sat, Oct 25
  • 5:00 pm

Join us after the Halloween Parade for a FREE screening thanks to Phoenixville Communities that Care! “One of the all-time great family films, E.T.’s portrait of a broken yet functional family has none of the contrivances of similar films. This family must cope and grow and move on. Spielberg manages warmth and wonder without painting too brightly. He allows rough edges and a real threat and fear without demonizing the scientists seeking E.T. — few family films suggest opposition More »

MST3K: The Creeping Terror

Directed by Arthur Nelson. US. 1964. 90 min. MST. DVD.

  • Fri, Nov 21
  • 9:45 pm

“The particular piece of filmic anguish we must share this time with Mike and the ‘bots is “The Creeping Terror,” in which our namesake villain appears to be a drunken syphilitic Gumby trailing a moldy picnic blanket. As Mike points out, he’s neither the most nimble nor the most ferocious cannibal alien you’ve ever seen: “The creeping part is apt, but the terror part is just not happening.” However, the supporting cast are more than happy to help him out More »

Adventures in Babysitting

Directed by Chris Columbus. US. 1987. 12+. 102 min. Disney. 35mm.

  • Sat, Nov 22
  • 2:00 pm

“There’s charm to spare in this entertaining teen comedy. Elisabeth Shue (“The Karate Kid” and later “Leaving Las Vegas”) is a delight as a babysitter whose journey into Chicago with her three charges turns into a comic nightmare.” (TLA Film and Video Guide More »

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Directed by Terry Gilliam. UK. 1975. PG. 91 min. Rainbow Releasing. Digital.

Fri, Nov 28 thru Sun, Nov 30 -- Roll over to view showtimes.

The end of November brings many cherished traditions: Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, shopping with the crazed masses on Black Friday, watching parades and football games, and gathering at the Colonial to watch one of the funniest (and most quotable) comedies of all time,“Monty Python and the Holy Grail!” Perhaps the Pythons’ finest film, this cult classic puts an absurdist spin on the King Arthur legend complete with silly swordplay, horseless horseplay, a killer bunny, and a band of knights More »

Dead Poets Society

Directed by Peter Weir. US. 1989. 13+. 128 min. Disney. Digital.

Sponsored by Retold Tales Booksellers

  • Sat, Nov 29
  • 2:00 pm

“John Keating quotes Whitman, he demands his students stand up on their desks, he whispers ”seize the day.” A quarter century later, is there a silver-screen teacher more iconic? In his later work, Williams could hit the ”inspirational” note a little too hard, but here he’s the perfect mix of light whimsy and professorial gravitas.” (Entertainment Weekly More »